ThinkCMS - Dead simple content management

With an intuitive UI and easy editing workflow, ThinkCMS enables anyone without any technical training or knowledge to manage the content of a website, online store, mobile app, digital signage, IOT device and even games. From virtually anywhere.

The high level of flexibility and scalability offered by the system, make it the perfect content management solution for any project, regardless of its complexity and size.

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GDPR Ready out of the box

With ThinkCMS v5 we introduce a GDPR compliant solution that addresses all the requirements of the new Regulation. From collecting personal information, storing sensitive data, security of processing, consent lifecycle management, data subject rights, data portability... We also provide all the necessary documentation, so you can easily demonstrate technical compliance.

Magento, OpenCart, Shopify

Dynamic content blocks

Dynamic content blocks allow you to build modular pages, just like this one, by arranging a set of blocks with predefined design and functionality.

Just select the block type and fill in the fields. Everything else is done by the system.

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Security and Permissions

Built with security in mind, ThinkCMS enforces strict rules and validations on every step.

The master admins can grant individual permissions for each user and give them only the necessary access.

Additional security features include:

  • Strict password rules for all admin passwords;
  • Full log of all admin actions;
  • Brute force protection;
  • CSRF protection;
  • HSTS Policy for sites with SSL;
  • Compliance with latest security standards;


  • Simple intuitive UIEasily manage your content. Very short learning curve.
  • Any device, any screenManage your site from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.
  • Data hierarchyAll content is organized hierarchaly for easier management.
  • Visual editingNo special coding or technical skills are required.
  • MultilanguageEasily manage multiple language versions and translations.
  • Image toolsNo need to process your images before you upload them on the site.
  • Media ManagerUpload and organize your images easily with the built-in Media Manager.
  • Built-in SEO featuresOptimize your content in few clicks with the built-in SEO helpers.
  • Granular permissionsPrinciple of least privilege. Give admins access to only what is needed.
  • SecureData validation, SQL Injection, CSRF, brute force protection and more.
  • Flexible and extendableEasy integration with third party services, payment gateways and APIs.
  • Well documentedNeed help? Visit the help docs available in our client help center.
  • Optimized resource usageThinkCMS is optimized in number of ways to reduce CPU, database and disk usage.
  • Whitelabel optionsFrom copyright removal to complete rebranding so you can offer ThinkCMS as your own product.

What is new in ThinkCMS v5

We have redesigned the system from the ground up bringing over 460 improvements and new features from the previous version.

The new faster and cleaner responsive UI enables a more productive editing process. Less time spent managing your site means more time focusing on your business.

  • 4 new standard modules;
  • New and improved SEO and multilanguage features;
  • Smart image compression;
  • Customizable social sharing tags and images;
  • Stricter security;
  • PHP 8.2 ready;
  • More

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