Clean Labs - Cleaning company one click away

Clean Labs - Cleaning company one click away

Clean Labs is a small cleaning services business that serves residential and commercial clients throughout Bulgaria. Clean Labs prides itself on providing high-quality services and customer satisfaction. The company began to experience difficulties with providing adequate customer service and was looking to utilize a platform that can help manage their services, online bookings, and payments.

The problem

Clean Labs were having problems managing the administrative aspects of their services due to manual processes and limited staff. The executives of the company felt that their business was not scaling efficiently, and was unable to meet the demand for their services in the local area.

Our Solution

We created a platform designed to manage their services, online bookings and payments. The platform included a powerful online booking engine that enabled  customers to easily book services on our clients website. Through the platform, customers can rank employees, preview different subscription plans and access booking times to ensure they get the right services. Customers are also able to securely store their payment details, enabling payments to be made quickly and easily. This platform also allowed the company to manage their staff’s schedules and utilization rates, as well as check the quality of their work history and performance.


Since Clean Labs adopted the platform, the company has seen a significant improvement in customer service and service delivery. The ability to easily manage the booking process and payments has allowed Clean Labs to handle more requests per hour and allowed customers to easily make online bookings without any delays. The platform has also enabled the company to accurately track and manage staffing levels, allowing them to better plan for future services and utilize staff more efficiently. Furthermore, due to the improved quality of customer service and efficiency of operations. Clean Labs. has seen a marked increase in their customer base and revenue.

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