GDPR Compliant Cookie Consents with ThinkCMS v5

One of the newest additions to ThinkCMS v5 is the GDPR module, created to streamline the technical implementations required by the Regulation.

GDPR Compliant Cookie Consents with ThinkCMS v5

The new cookie related functions enable the administrators to create GDPR compliant cookie consent banners in multiple languages and configure different cookie groups from the administration panel.

Cookie types

On the user side, the module ensures that no cookies / tracking pixels will be stored or used unless the user has given his explicit consent. The easy to use UI gives the user a choice on which cookies to accept, to withdraw the consent, once given, or change the preferences at any given time.

User consents

The administration panel provides a full overview of all the collected consents and changes to the consent the user has made along with how and when the consent was obtained. Appropriate technical measures are taken to ensure that the system refreshes the consent at appropriate intervals.


For more information on what is new in ThinkCMS v5, see our help pages.

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