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ThinkCMS - Web Content Management Platform

Building dynamic, flexible, scalable content management platforms has been a challenge for ThinkWeb since 2004. Integrating the latest technologies into one, scalable solution created for the specific needs of your business, we enable you to manage your website regardless of whether it is a small company site or a big online store supporting hundreds of thousands of users.

Up to now we have worked on various types of projects,  from simple presentation websites to complex platforms that integrate multiple third party services, user generated content, payment solutions and content sources, all built on the ThinkWeb's website management platform ThinkCMS (aka: th!nkcms).


While there are a lot of features worth mentioning, we have selected a few that are essential to ThinkCMS and are included by default in every project created  with our platform.

Multilanguage Support

Multilanguage Support

ThinkCMS is designed for multilanguage content, allowing our clients to easily manage their websites available on multiple languages.

Media Manager

Integrated Media Manager

Upload and organize your images easily with the built-in Media Manager. Uploading images is very easy, you can even drag and drop them from your computer. All media is accessible anywhere in the ThinkCMS administration panel where you need it.



Do all your text editing with an editor whose functionality you are already familiar with. If you have previously used programs like Microsoft Office or Open Office you are ready to go.

Built-in search optimization features

Built-in SEO Features

The built-in SEO features allow you to optimize your content with a visual preview of how your listings might look like in Google. You have full control over META titles, descriptions, keywords, URLs generated by the CMS, content freshness and more.

Enterprise level security

Enterprise Level Security

Grant individual kind of access for each one of your employees based on their position and needs. The administration of the site is protected by username / password combination and advanced encrypted connection without the need of SSL.

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