Email Marketing

Newsletters play a vital role in online marketing today. Keeping your customers informed is of utmost importance and receiving the analytical feedback from your campaigns is a must. Having this in mind, we developed an easy to use newsletter module integrated into ThinkCMS 4+ that enables our clients to easily create, send and analyze the performance of their email campaigns.

Newsletter Module

Developed as part of ThinkCMS, the Newsletter Module benefits from the level of integration with the rest of the modules used on your site, such as products, news and other content, and enables creation of custom widgets that are used while building your newsletter templates.

ThinkCMS Newsletter Module Features

  • Easy newsletter creation via drag and drop widgets / layouts
  • A large set of styling options optimized for different mail clients, mobile devices and webmail services
  • Built-in collaboration tools
  • Integration of custom widgets developed per client
  • Subscription management, groups and targeting
  • Recipient personalization
  • Mailer optimized for any size of mailing list from 100 recipients to 1.000.000+
  • Real time detailed statistics for multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Per user tracking and statistics
  • No technical knowledge required to create, manage and send newsletters
  • Optimized to pass through SPAM filters
  • and more...
Feel free to contact us and see the ThinkCMS Newsletter Module in action.


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